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Koala Conservation Status: Please petition the NSW Government to raise it to Endangered

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I’ve had news of a need for help from the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW).

Back in March 2020, IFAW recommended that the New South Wales (NSW) Government move the conservation status of koalas from Vulnerable to Endangered on an emergency basis.  This recommendation was made on the basis of a scientific report, commissioned by IFAW, which showed that koalas are facing an immediate and significant threat of extinction in NSW.

Please help by signing this petition

Please petition the NSW Government to save the koalas
by giving them endangered status protection

The change in the koala's conservation status would mean that:

  • There would be greater protection for the forests where koalas live
  • Politicians would have greater powers to stop trees and critical habitat from being cleared.

This would mean that in the short term, koalas would get some breathing space to recover after the terrible bushfires which killed thousands of koalas and destroyed key koala habitat. 

The IFAW report showed that:

  • Over 6,000 koalas died in the fires alone
  • In three generations, 65% of the koala population has been lost
  • The fires “all but destroyed” many koala populations that were significant in their regions
  • The bushfires burned over 12.6 million acres across NSW.  This land was vital to koalas.  The land left is depleted because of the long drought.

Many koalas were left starving and injured.  Things had been bad enough before, because of enormous habitat destruction and a prolonged drought.

 Please act to help koalas!

Unfortunately, IFAW is still waiting for an answer.   Please, wherever you are in the world, join IFAW and the 190,000 people who have already signed the petition and ACT to save koalas.

They need every single one of us to help put the pressure on.  It does not matter where we live.   What matters is that we all act for koalas and do what we can to help them.

Please sign here today, and give the koalas a voice and your support.  And when you’ve done that, please share and spread the word.


Please sign here today

 to help koalas

Thank you.

Image above © IFAW


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