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TUI Group Launch a new Global TUI Turtle Aid Programme

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Travel group TUI is running a programme to protect turtles.  The travel group now has a target to save one million new-born turtles by 2020.

The TUI Turtle Aid programme has been created to protect the welfare of one million new-born turtles by 2020.

It is working with local organisations in Cape Verde, Turkey and Greece  -‘Project Biodiversity’ and BIOS.CV on the islands of Sal and Boa Vista, Archelon in Greece and DEKAMER in Turkey. The project is expected to expand to other countries in the months ahead.

The project will pioneer innovative research and protection methods to help safeguard the endangered global sea turtle population.

Experts estimate that only one in a thousand baby turtles survives to adulthood, and the projects TUI is supporting is aiming to protect turtle nests on beaches and increase hatchling survival rates.

Out of the 7 species of marine turtle, 6 are considered critically endangered, endangered or vulnerable.

Threats to turtles:

  • Suffocation because they’ve ingested plastic bags;
  • poachers;
  • irresponsible beach use which leads to the destruction of turtles nests
  • killing of hatchlings
  • coastal development
  • climate change
  • illegal trade

Turtles in Cape Verde

The third largest loggerhead nesting populations in the world resides here. Five of the seven existing marine turtle species are in the Cape Verdean waters.  The plan is to engage with the local community and local stakeholders.  Local tour guides are taught about best practices and they give advice to visitors to help them holiday responsibly. Hotel partner involvement is vital to foster responsible beach use and waste management, and sustainable outings for tourist.

Turtles in Greece 

Conservationists will work with local companies and the tourism industry on Crete anda in the Peloponnese to implement management measures on loggerhead nesting beaches.  It is hoped that 60,000 loggerhead hatchlings will be born every year.

Turtles in Turkey

On Turkish beaches there are efforts to involve national and regional government, local businesses and visitors in the turtle-protection activities. A rescue centre will help care for injured turtles along the coast.  The partnership will enable DEKAMER to develop international research and conservation porjects, including the satellite tracking of turtles, the sex ratio estimate of turtles under global warming and more.

Well done, TUI!   Let's hope this really expands to other turtle sites.


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