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Well done to everyone at Wicor Primary School in Portchester!

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It's always great to see children getting stuck into nature and the natural world, and even better to ee them doing things to help protect it and create habitat.   

So I was really pleased to see the efforts of the wonderful staff and pupils at Wicor Primary School in Portchester.  

They've raised £500 which they donated to the Woodland Trust - a fantastic achievement.   They did it through the sales of sausages which they devised with a local butcher using Jack in the Hedge, a garlic mustard that grows in the school grounds. Well done to the butcher, as well, for getting stuck in! 

The money was also raised by bake sales, sponsored events and proceeds from a blend of tea devised with a Portsmouth tea merchant.

Headteacher Mark Wildman presented the cheque to the Woodland Trust after the children had spent a day tree planting!  The school had received 179 free hazel, whitebeam, aspen and spindle saplings from the Woodland Trust along with four larger trees – Oak, hornbeam and cherry.  Every child had helped plant a tree, and the Headteacher commented that he'd seen many a child dragging their parents across to the tree they had planted saying "I planted that!"   

Strong winds actually blew some of the trees over after the planting - but the kids just got on with re-planting them and the school thinks this shows the children that nature needs looking after and nurturing - an important lesson in life when caring for our natural world.

I love the ethos of this school - they also grow fruit and vegetables in their allotment as part of their Environmental Curriculum.  They sell these back to the community to promote healthy eating and to raise money for the allotment. Find out more here

So well done to all the children and staff at Wicor Primary School!  

Here's a video from the Woodland Trust on the Green Tree Schools Award.  Over 8,000 schools are now involved and it's free to join in.  There's a guide to the Green Tree School Award here which you can download



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