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ITV3: The Queen's Green Planet on Sunday 23 August 2020 at 9pm

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One of the most important legacies I think Queen Elizabeth II is creating is an ambitious aim to create a global network of portected forests, spanning all 53 countries of the Commonwealth.

At 9pm on ITV3 on Sunday 23 August 2020 at 9pm, there's a chance to see the documentary about it again. 

It also features a wonderful conversation between Her Majesty and Sir David Attenborough as they stroll through the gardens of Buckingham Palace.   Their discussion covers a range of subjects from climate change to conkers!

There's also footage of the other royal family members making the Queen's Commonwealth Canopy a reality. 

"Together our forests will thrive," says the project's website.

The project protects woodlands across the Comomonwealth.   Princes William and Harry and Angelina Jolie all appear - the Princes are planting trees in Canada's Great Bear Rainforest

The highlight however must surely be the conversation between two legends - Her Majesty the Queen and Sir David Attenborough.  Bless them both.

Do take a look at the Queen's Commonwealth Canopy project website and take a look at the map showing where the project is at work.  And look at the projects too - 45 countries have now joined in, with Bermuda joining in March 2020. 

There are a number of charities working for the conservation of the Great Bear Rainforest and they are:

PacificWild working to protect wildlife and their habitat and they have some interesting campaigns including stopping tankers on the north and central coast

The Nature Conservancy - do watch their film about the Great Bear Rainforest

Raincoast Conservation Foundation work to ensure that coastal grizzlies continue their presence as the top carnivore and apex predator in the coastal rainforest. 


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