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Give Montana’s wolves, bison and bears your voice and support

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In Defense of Animals say that wildlife specialists and conservationists are concerns that some of Montana’s most loved species such as grizzly bears, grey wolves nad bison are threatened with extinction.

For back in January, Montana’s legislature introduced ten bills which experts are saying is really a #waronwildlife.

Best estimates suggest there are about 5,000 wild bison, 1,000 grizzly bears and 850 wolves in Montana.  But, say In Defense of Animals, lawmakers are pushing through bills which are politically driven.     They will harm individual animals with unethical and old fashioned hunting practices.

Amongst other things, the new bills are proposing:

  • To allow wolf snaring
  • To lengthen the wolf trapping season by 30 days
  • To reimburse hunters for time they spend hunting or trapping wolves
  • To allow the killing of all wolves in the state until only 15 breeding pairs remain
  • To stop the relocation of bears who go out of protected areas (so the bears will be killed if they wander off course)
  • To allow hunting dogs to be used in the hunting of bear during the full span of their waking lives, outside of hibernation

To establish that hunting, fishing and trapping is the preferred manner of managing wild animal populations across the state (as opposed to scientific conservation based strategies)

So what can we do to help these bears, wolves and bison

Please join In Defense of Animals in calling onGov. Greg Gianforte to veto these bills to protect wild animals and ensure that Montana’s reputation as a wilderness and wildlife paradise stays intact.

In Defense of Animals says there are a number of things we can all do, including:

1. Call the Governor’s office to ask him to veto the current slate of anti-wilderness bills - details can be found here, and there are a number of points you can make, which In Defense of Animals list on their ways to help here

2. Comment on Montana Gov. Greg Gianforte's Facebook page and ask him to veto the current slate of anti-wildlife bills.

3. Comment to Secretary Pete Buttigieg and the U.S. Department of Transportation on Twitter - there's a message they have put together that you can tweet

4. 3. Please fill out the form here to email Gov. Greg Gianforte to implore him to veto these bills.


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