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Snow Leopard Trust's Fundraiser for #GivingTuesday

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Help #SnowLeopards

The Snow Leopard Trust have an appeal called Building Resilience:  Together we are Mighty and it’s all about helping to build resilience for snow leopards and local herder families.

Supporters had a goal of $70,000 - six zoo partners were matching this sum and they are The Big Cat Sanctuary, Foundation Le Pal Nature, La Passerelle, Zoo Basel, Zoo Dresden, and the Zoological Society of Hertfordshire.

This goal has been met, and now the Snow Leopard Trust is looking to raise £300,00 in the next 30 days (so roughly by the end of December 2020).

As I type, 822 people have raised $91,332 for Snow Leopards and it's wonderful to see so many big cat lovers coming together to support these majestic, wonderful animals.

How donations will help snow leopards

All our donations and our love for snow leopards will help do a number of things:

  • Develop tools to reduce livestock depredation, such as  predator proof corrals.
  • Create community-managed programs, like livestock insurance, to offset the costs of living with wildlife and reduce the risk of retaliatory killing.
  • Provide training and support for local rangers to patrol key protected areas.

Programmes such as these will help make life easier for snow leopards and help build resilience for the herder families locally as well.

#GivngTuesday - help Snow Leopards

The Snow Leopard Trust’s programmes:

  • decrease snow leopard attacks
  • safeguard livelihoods
  • improve attitudes towards predators                             

This means safer passage for cats as they travel near local communities.  

Visit the Snow Leopard Trust’s website here.

Donate here.

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