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It's Veganuary Month this January 2023!

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In case you didn't know, January is Veganuary Month - a chance to try your hand at going Vegan, if you aren't already.  And according to a Vegan Society survey, that’s what a lot of British people are planning on doing!

The survey of 2,000 British people found that about half of them were planning to make an environmental resolution in 2023 - over a third of non-vegans are planning to reduce meat and dairy consumption!  Some pledged to go vegan entirely, whilst others were planning on reducing their meat and dairy intake. 

The most popular environmental friendly actions people were planning to take were:

  1. Reducing energy use (67%0
  2. Minimising waste by recycling and reusing (65%)
  3. Reducing their consumption of animal products (56%)

The Vegan Society is encouraging us all to make #OneLittleSwitch to help protect our planet with its Plate Up for the Planet, and its eBook is full of classic recipes, blogs and tips to help you (you do need to sign up to receive it but it’s free).  It also has a World Vegan Month in November, but why wait to give it a go?  It’s never too late to start! They've got lots of recipes on their website, too

For instance, why not use a plant based milk instead of a dairy one?  Or replace minced meat with lentils?

So why go Vegan?

The Vegan Society gives these reasons for going vegan:

  • For the animals - you can work out how many animals you would save if you went vegan.
  • For our health
  • For the environment (for instance, a lot of forest has been cleared for agriculture including cattle ranching - all those cattle need watering and feeding, so it's a propelling cycle)
  • For people, to develop a more sustainable way of living

Visit the Vegan Society here.

If you feel that becoming a vegan is a step too far, you could just introduce even one vegan meal a month or a week - or why not look at vegetarian food?  

Hive.co.uk has up to 25% off its Veganuary books this January – they could make a lovely gift for someone who wants to try different vegan recipes!  There’s vegan baking, vegan pasta and one pot cooking, for instance.  Head to Hive.co.uk here

 There's up to 25% off Veganuary books at Hive.co.uk this January 2023
There's up to 25% off Veganuary books at Hive.co.uk this January 2023

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