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Students plant over 1,300 plants in a wild flower meadow

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30 students from the University of Cumbria joined up with the Cumbria Wildlife Trust last autumn.

They helped to plant over 1,300 plants in a wildflower meadow in the Eden Valley.

It’s the fifth year running that conservation under-graduates at the University have helped plant these meadows

The Cumbria Wildlife Trust explained that since the 1950s hay meadows have been in national decline and the Trust is working to restore the.

They provide habitats for animals such as the brown hair, the great yellow bumblebee and skylarks, curlews, lapwings and twits.

The Meadow Life project helps ensure that meadows will be around for years to come.   The Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust funded this work as part of the Westmorland Dales Hay Time Project.

Well done the students!

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