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Margaret Mead, American anthropologist, 1901-1978

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Be an Orangutan Guardian during October 2020 and help the Sumatran Orangutan Society protect orangutans!

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Knowing regular funds are coming in makes a huge difference to wildlife charities.  It can help in all sorts of ways.

It can enable the charity to respond to situations demanding urgent action – they don’t have to wait until they have raised the money.  In the case of wildlife conservation, this could enable a charity to rescue an animal (or a group of them) or put a deposit on a piece of land to save it from loggers, or restore it.  It can also help them plan for the future whilst carrying out their current work.

The Sumatran Orangutan Society (SOS) are looking for Orangutan Guardians. 

What does the Sumatran Orangutan Society do?

The society supports high impact frontline projects and also deliver hard-hitting campaigns to ensure a good future for Sumatra’s orangutans, forests and people.  They rescue orangutans, they save forests and so protect their homes, and they work with local communities so that they understand why the forests are important and embrace them in the role of protecting them.

Orangutan Guardians are critical because they help SOS do all these things mentioned above.

Become an orangutan guardian and you could win a limited edition Lush soap

And if you sign up for a monthly donation of £10 or more during October 2020 you will be entered in a draw.  The lucky winner will win a limited edition Lush orangutan soap.  10 winners will be drawn at random and will receive their soap shortly after that.

This could be a great way to help save orangutans who currently need all the help they can get.

  • £10 a month could support SOS’s longer-term goals of training local people to become guardians of the forest
  • £20 a month could support SOS’s campaigns to tackle the root causes of deforestation.

Swing over to SOS and donate for Orangutans!

You could also treat a loved one to something from SOS’s online and rainforest friendly shop


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