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Wildlife and our last remaining wild places are being destroyed because of human action or inaction and because of our own short –term greed.

Peter Fearnhead, CEO, African Parks Network, South Africa

African Parks sets its goals for 2019

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What do you want to achieve in 2019?  What would you think if you were able to play a part in delivering anti-poaching techniques, protecting wild landscapes and helping to expand a ranger force to protect wildlife?

Well, I’ve had an email from African Parks, a non-profit conservation organisation.  It takes on the rehabilitation and long-term management of national parks in partnership with governments and local communities.

In their email, they share their goals to make an impact for people and wildlife in Africa. And they need supporters to help them achieve their targets.

Here are African Parks’ goals:

  1. To expand their ranger force by recruiting 200 new Rangers and growing their force to 1,200.  The rangers come from local communities so this is a great way to involve local people in conservation – it gives locals a chance to take charge of their futures

  2. To grow and deliver successful anti-poaching techniques.  Its K9 anti-poaching unit in Akagera, Rwanda, is helping to bring poaching to an all-time low in the park.  New puppies are training to join the unit next year, and the plan is to deploy a new K9 unit in Garamba in the DRC where parks have been hard hit by militarised elephant poaching

    These are the latest members of the K9 anti-poaching team
    These are the latest members of the K9 anti-poaching team
    ©African Parks

  3. To restore and protect more wild landscapes.  At the moment, African Parks manages 15 parks in 9 countries, conserving 10.5 million hectares in Benin, Central African Republic, Chad, the DRC, Malawi, Mozambique, the Republic of Congo, Rwanda and Zambia.  Its aim is to manage 20 parks by 2020.  Several parks are in the pipeline already.

You can be a part of this journey with a few simple clicks to follow African Parks'  progress….If you make a donation, it all goes directly to the parks.  Go to African Parks' website here


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