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Help Four Paws rescue the President Bears

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Help Four Paws rescue the President Bears

Can you help Four Paws rescue the President Bears, Leo and Melanka?

They were found when they were three months old in 2006 and they've been kept in barren enclosures since they were small cubs.  They live in the president residence of Syniogora, in the south east of Lviv, Ukraine.

The conditions around them is awful. They are kept separated. They are in two small enclosures, with concrete floors, and no natural vegetation or enrichment at all!  There's no protection from the sun or rain.  The bears receive food just chucked over the fence.  Their water and food containers are dirty.  And the bears show stereotypical behaviour.  

Four Paws want to move the President Bears to the Bear Sanctuary Domazhyr in Ukraine as soon as possible.  Here they can enjoy a new life, full of care and freedom.   

The good news is that Four Paws addressed the Ukrainian authorities after the recent change of presidency, and they've given Four Paws the thumbs up to relocate the bears and look after them.  

Will you help Leo and Malenka enjoy freedom and the grass between their paws?

Make a donation here and make a difference to Leo and Melanka!


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