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The 20-27th April 2023 saw the Green Match Fund 202when donations made to 178 participating charities were doubled.  Some are protecting specific animals such as dormice or otters, whilst others are focusing on habitats such as hedgerows or seagrass. Some are based in the UK but help wildlife overseas.  The event raised over £4,349,330  for the participating charities through 22,457 donations!  This well exceeded the previous year's event (£2.8 million).  Well done everyone!

Ask New South Wales Parliament to enact special protections to save the koala

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Calling all koala lovers!

The terrible bushfires have been catastrophic for the koalas.

Not only have thousands of koalas died or been severely injured, but key prime koala habitat has been destroyed, which means life is going to be very tough for those who survived.  What will they eat?  Where will they live?

It shows the importance of saving this vulnerable species before it’s toolate.

The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW for short) have a petition to urge the state of New South Wales to declare a koala emergency and enact special protections to save koalas. 

Life had been hard enough for koalas before these fires. Their numbers had been devastated because of massive habitat destruction and prolonged drought.

Please help koalas and add your voicoe

Koalas need our help.

Protect the habitat of koalas and we also help many other species in the same area who live there too.

A report commissioned by IFAW shows that:

  • At least 5,00 koalas died in the bushfires
  • In 3 generations, we’ve lost 66% of the population
  • The fires have all but destroyed many regionally significant koala populations
  • Over 5 MILLION hectares across New South Wales has been burned – with the remaining land depleted by prolonged drought – and this land was vital habitat for koalas.

The New South Wales Koalas are listed as Vulnerable at the moment. 

Join IFAW in urging the state of New South Wales to declare a koala emergency and enact special protections to save this iconic species

Please act now to save koalas from extinction. 

Please sign and share


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