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Don’t miss: Our Changing Planet on BBC1, Sunday 16 April 2023

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It’s back!  Starting at 7pm UK time on Sunday 16 April 2023, Our Changing Planet returns to our screens in this two part series.

In April 2022, six presenters visited various destinations around the world to investigate the impact of accelerating economic development and the impact of climate change.  They were on a mission to make repeat visits to places and habitats under extreme environmental threat, and the aim was to see how communities, conservationists and scientists are altering the narrative.

The series is documenting the second year of what is a 7 year project to save the endangered ecosystems on our planet.

In the first episode on the 16th April 2023, Chris Packham is in Greenland to look at the rate at which snow and ice are melting (and the implications beyond the Arctic), and Steve Backshall is in the Maldives where climate change is threatening the corals.   The episode also features schemes to protect the forests of California; Liz Bonnin is there finding out what is being done (enter the beavers and ancient forest management techniques).

Ade Adepitan, Ella Al-Shamahi and Gordon Buchanan feature in the second episode, in Kenya, Cambodia and Brazil respectfully.

This series should be thought provoking and hopefully it will also give us all ideas of ways we can help. Hopefully, it will give us hope for the future too.

Visit the programme’s website here.


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