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Iran to have 300 more rangers to protect wildlife

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This week sees World Ranger Day (31 July) to acknowledge the incredible bravery of the rangers and wildlife guardians around the world and the ultimate sacrifice many of them make to protect wildlife.

And there's news from Iran.

Some 300 rangers will soon join the forces defending the environment across the country.

The Tehran Times reports about 300 rangers will soon join the forces defending the environment in Iran.

Although 800 people have passed the preliminary tests to defend Iran’s protected areas, only 300 people will be chosen for the tasks in hand.

The tests sound rigorous.  Potential rangers face fitness, medical and psychological tests and assessments relating to emergency and defending operations.

They will need to be able to cope with different weather conditions, to live in different places and in difficult conditions.  They will also need to be able to act appropriately in difficult situations.

Rangers protect and preserve protected lands.  However, they face death and injuries in doing so.  They may get into fights with poachers and get injured or worse, killed; or charged with involuntary manslaughter.  Since 1979, over 120 rangers have been killed while protecting the environment.

Source:  The Tehran Times 


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