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"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world;
indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." 
Margaret Mead, American anthropologist, 1901-1978

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  1. February 2023:  Animal Survival International
    Worsening catastrophic drought claiming the lives of elephants, giraffe, wildebeest, zebra....  Find out how to help here 

    Did you see the repeat of Waterhole:  Africa’s Animal Oasis, a three part series coming from the BBC Studios Natural History Unit?

    I did a blog on this programme the first time it came out and it was quite amazing viewing. 

    Here's the original blog, hopefully you will find it helpful.

    The fabulous Natural History Unit is working with Mwiba Wildlife Reserve in Tanzania.  As water becomes scarcer, the reserve decided to create a water-hole.   And they've done it with the BBC's Natural History Unit 

    They  created the world’s first waterhole with build-in specialist camera rig.  The cameras are half sub-merged and weatherproof.  There are 20 cameras which are monitored 24/7 using infra-red, and there's a drone in the air too.

    Waterholes are essential to Africa’s ecosystem.   Hundreds of species meet at waterholes and compete for water.  Chris Packham and biologist Ella Al-Shamahi disocver the dynamics of the waterhole for the first time. 

    As they say, give wildlife water and they will come whether it's in the wild or your garden... By day 10, 40 species of animal had come to have a drink...

    The programme is filmed across three periods:

    • The middle of the dry season
    • The hottest time of the year
    • The height of the rains

    Unwind by the Waterhole

    Building The Waterhole  
    (Behind The Scenes)

    Remember:  "if you build it, they will come."

    Subscribe to the BBC Earth's You Tube Channel here

    The team want to find out how the animals use it.   How long would it take the animals to find the water hole?  (45 minutes, it didn't take long.) Will they share?  How many species will use it?  Will they keep coming back?  Will it be safe for them to visit?  They discover how truly important water is, especially given the climate changes taking place.

    The programme’s website has lots of interesting clips, including how the programme was made; and what it’s like to live alongside the wildlife of Africa, and why they built it in the first place.  Take the Waterhole personality test to find out which animal you are!  (I'm a buffalo.)

    I think this programme should be fascinating and give us a very good insight into the way African wildlife survive.

    Visit the programme’s website here

    There's a list of African conservation charities here and elephant charities here 

    Here's the Tanzania Wildlife Research Institute

    Help provide water for wildlife

    Tigers4Ever on Global Giving have a fundraiser to give water to Bandhavgarh's tigers - find out more  and donate here.

    The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust  work to provide permanent and temporary water sources to relieve suffering in Kenya, mostly in the Tsavo and Lamu Conservation Areas.

    Friends of Hwange is on a mission to develop and maintain water resources in Hwange National Park for the benefit of its wildlife, in collaboration with the Authorities responsible for the Park.   Find out more here

    The Port Macquarie Koala Hospital has a fundraiser looking to take water to koalas and other wildlife.  It is still raising funds as it more than hit its target, and the plan now is to breed koalas for release into the wild. 

    The Brooke and SPANA both have virtual gifts on their shop with the purpose of providing water troughs, permanent and moveable, to hard working animals such as horses, donkeys and mules in a number of countries.

    In the UK, the Wildlife Trusts have information about providing water for wildlife, whether at home or elsewhere.

    The WWF have information on  establishing a network of artificial watering holes for Saiga Antelop in Russia.  Find out more



    In case you didn't know, January is Veganuary Month - a chance to try your hand at going Vegan, if you aren't already.  And according to a Vegan Society survey, that’s what a lot of British people are planning on doing!

    The survey of 2,000 British people found that about half of them were planning to make an environmental resolution in 2023 - over a third of non-vegans are planning to reduce meat and dairy consumption!  Some pledged to go vegan entirely, whilst others were planning on reducing their meat and dairy intake. 

    The most popular environmental friendly actions people were planning to take were:

    1. Reducing energy use (67%0
    2. Minimising waste by recycling and reusing (65%)
    3. Reducing their consumption of animal products (56%)

    The Vegan Society is encouraging us all to make #OneLittleSwitch to help protect our planet with its Plate Up for the Planet, and its eBook is full of classic recipes, blogs and tips to help you (you do need to sign up to receive it but it’s free).  It also has a World Vegan Month in November, but why wait to give it a go?  It’s never too late to start! They've got lots of recipes on their website, too

    For instance, why not use a plant based milk instead of a dairy one?  Or replace minced meat with lentils?

    So why go Vegan?

    The Vegan Society gives these reasons for going vegan:

    • For the animals - you can work out how many animals you would save if you went vegan.
    • For our health
    • For the environment (for instance, a lot of forest has been cleared for agriculture including cattle ranching - all those cattle need watering and feeding, so it's a propelling cycle)
    • For people, to develop a more sustainable way of living

    Visit the Vegan Society here.

    If you feel that becoming a vegan is a step too far, you could just introduce even one vegan meal a month or a week - or why not look at vegetarian food?  

    Hive.co.uk has up to 25% off its Veganuary books this January – they could make a lovely gift for someone who wants to try different vegan recipes!  There’s vegan baking, vegan pasta and one pot cooking, for instance.  Head to Hive.co.uk here

     There's up to 25% off Veganuary books at Hive.co.uk this January 2023
    There's up to 25% off Veganuary books at Hive.co.uk this January 2023